staatspreis knewledge

With innovative approaches to methods in the area of personnel development, evon has won the State Award called “KnewLEDGE 2018”!

The coveted state award from the Federal Ministry for Digitalisation and Business Location, called “KnewLEDGE” is the Republic of Austria’s highest distinction for Human Resources Development — that is why emotions were high during the award ceremony in the Parliament/Palais Epstein on 24 May 2018 when evon was awarded the prize for the category 25-to-200 employees. The two company founders and General Managers, Roman Ruthofer and Patrick Resch along with General Manager Andreas Leitner and HR Head Birgit Herbst accepted the prize on behalf of the entire team.

From left to right: Nationalratspräsident Mag. Wolfgang Sobotka, DI Andreas Leitner, Ing. Roman Ruthofer, Mag. Birgit Herbst, Ing. Patrick Resch (evon), Wirtschaftskammerpräsidentin KommR BR Sonja Zwanzl, Fotocredit: Parlamentsdirektion/Jantzen Thomas

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