This is how the Kaiser family built in Bad Gleichenberg

Sonja and René

evon Smart Home Fans from the very beginnings

Sonja and René have built the house of their dreams. With evon Smart Home active in both home and garden.

Upon entering the house, you are warmly received. Optimum room temperature, intelligent lighting and smart shading ensure the perfect atmosphere to feel good - completely automatically.

Simply more comfort.

Ready to react quickly to weather conditions: There is a storm coming? Thanks to the evon Smart Home weather station, the shades are automatically raised to prevent storm damage. Sonja and René don't need to worry about anything else.

The camera in the entrance area ensures no unexpected visitor is missed - even if noone is home - the evon Smart Home app provides instant information.

Location: Bad Gleichenberg

Get in the mood

Dimmable lighting lets the family home adapt to ambient light conditions and reduces light intensity as the day progresses. This way, evon Smart Home gently prepares the family for the evening.

evon Smart Home Success Story
evon Smart Home Success Story

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