Solar Energy
Fronius in evon Smart Home

The mission of Fronius is to achieve 24 hours of sun. Fronius employees work every day to realize their vision: They believe in a future in which we cover 100% of our global energy requirements from renewable sources. Fronius creates solutions to generate, store, distribute and consume solar energy efficiently and intelligently.

The cooperation with Fronius Solar Energy enables the integration of Fronius photovoltaic products (inverters, storage units, smart meters) in evon Smart Home.


Fronius & evon Smart Home

  • Integration of Fronius photovoltaic products
  • All energy data in one app (power generation, power consumption, ...)
  • Analysis of the energy data (PV generation of the last days, months, years, etc.)
  • Energy management rules in the smart home
  • E.g.: If there is energy surplus from the photovoltaic, electrical consumers such as warm water systems or washing machines will be activated.
  • Increase in efficiency

Supported products:

  • All Fronius inverters with Datamanager
  • All Fronius Smart Meters that are connected to the Datamanager
  • All Fronius storage units that are connected to the Datamanager