Amazon Alexa,
the voice control
for your home.

Connect your Smart Home with Amazon Alexa! It makes it easy to control your evon Smart Home system with voice commands. So you can control your lights, blinds and thermostats simply by Alexa.

Additionally you can control your individual scences with voice commands. For example, with "Alexa, good morning" you can start your day relaxed. evon Smart Home can hardly be even more comfortable.

Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa & evon Smart Home

  • "Alexa, set the floor heating to 24 degrees"
  • "Alexa, turn on my ceiling light"
  • "Alexa, set my floor lamp to 70%"
  • "Alexa, set my backlight to green"
  • "Alexa, start the movie night scene"
  • "Alexa, set my shading to 40 percent"

Supported products:

  • Echo
  • Echo Dot
  • Echo Show