From the light to the garden.
Ready for evon Smart Home

Open for your whole home

With the heart of evon Smart Home, the controller, you can control practically your entire home – from the door opener to the blinds and the alarm system to the lawn mower and your dishwasher.


Ready for bright moments

Light can be controlled in the evon Smart Home via the app or via buttons. In addition, very different lights and lighting effects can be easily created using evon Smart Home scenes in the app. For example, you can assign a button that switches all lights on the way to the garage on or off simultaneously.


Let the sun in

Alongside the simple manual control of blinds, evon Smart Home allows you to control blinds automatically depending on the position of the sun. This allows heat to be generated in winter and reduced in summer. Thanks to the connection to online weather services, it can also shut down the blinds in the event of a thunderstorm.

Room climate

Ready for your homecoming

evon Smart Home can be connected directly to your heating system (for example KWB) or control the temperature in your home via room thermostats or room controllers. The evon Smart Home scenes can also be used to create rules for the indoor climate. For example, the heating can be switched off while you are out of home. On the other hand, you will be welcomed with cosy warmth as soon as you open your front door.


Combining health and comfort

Thanks to the integration of Netatmo in evon Smart Home you are constantly informed about the air quality, oxygen content and humidity. evon Smart Home supplements this information with current pollen warning values for your region. More comfort, more health.


Safety you can trust

Motion detectors, access via finger scan, a camera at the door ... these are some of the ingredients that make your home safer. evon Smart Home ensures that you get the right information at the right time. For example, the app shows you whether the postman is ringing the doorbell or someone you don't want to let in. You will be alerted when someone is moving around your house while you are on holiday.


Ready for the most beautiful garden

With evon Smart Home your garden will also become smart. You can use the app to control your irrigation and check whether your mowing robot is once again lying on its back or has done its job well for this day.


Urban living with evon Smart Home

If you prefer urban life in a city apartment, you won’t need the mowing robot, but can still enjoy all the other evon Smart Home benefits: Lighting, heating, blinds, health, safety ... can be controlled just as easily via an app in an apartment as in a house.


Ready for the most relaxing sleep

Deep and restful sleep is good for your well-being. But in today's noisy world of hectic and stress, it is increasingly difficult for people to find this elusive, healthy sleep.


Ready for spontaneous travel

evon Smart Home system combines a series of functions that can simulate your presence in the house, even if you are on holiday far away in a distant land.

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