From Controllers to Accessories

Open for your whole home

With the heart of evon Smart Home, the controller, you can control practically your entire home – from the door opener to the blinds and the alarm system to the lawn mower and your dishwasher.


The heart of evon Smart Home: The evon Smart Home Controller is the central element and makes your home ready for the future.

Shade Modules

Alongside the simple manual control of blinds, evon Smart Home allows you to control blinds automatically depending on the position of the sun.

Shading Module evon Smart Home

Light Modules

The evon Smart Home light modules makes sure that light is there for you at the right moment – day or night.

Climate Modules

Ready for cosy warmth, but also ready to help you save energy. This sums up the advantages of the Climate Modules.

Climate Module evon Smart Home

Room operating devices and sensors

The smart Room operating devices and sensors ensure your feel-good factor.

Technology Modules

evon Smart Home always finds the right music for every mood and increases comfort.

Sound Module evon Smart Home

Digital Modules

Expand your evon Smart Home with additional digital inputs and outputs. This gives you the option of integrating scene buttons, window contacts, door openers, ..

Analogue Modules

Expand your evon Smart Home with additional analog inputs and outputs.

Analogue Module evon Smart Home

System Modules

From the redundancy module to connection modules and power supplies.

Smart Meter

With the Smart Meter you have full control over the current energy consumption, can identify power guzzlers and use energy more efficiently.

Smart Meter evon Smart Home


Completes your evon Smart Home

  • Bullet camera evon Smart Home


    The evon Smart Home bullet camera for outdoor installation.
    Download data sheet (PDF)

  • Dome Camera evon Smart Home


    The evon Smart Home dome camera for ceiling installation indoors.
    Download data sheet (PDF)

  • Intercom evon Smart Home


    evon Smart Home intercom.

  • Ekey Fingerprint Access System


    evon Smart Home fingerprint access system to surface installation.

  • Ekey Fingerprint Access System


    evon Smart Home fingerprint access system flush mounting.



    evon Smart Home fingerprint access system flush mounting.

  • u::LUX extension

    Extension of the evon Smart Home u::LUX switch for measurement of temperature, air humidity, CO2.

  • u::LUX switch

    The u::LUX switch combines a quadruple button with a high resolution color display.

  • weather station

    Weather station

    evon Smart Home Weather-Station: ready for fast response to weather events.
    Download data sheet (PDF)