Multimedia with evon Smart Home

Ready for the most entertaining moments

An Overview of evon Smart Home Multimedia

Music, speech, Alexa …

Multimedia increases your comfort levels. Multimedia with evon Smart Home begins with the sound module. This module controls the background music and the speech output including text-to-speech. The integrated FM radio receiver, the AUX line-in and two freely definable sound sources (internet radio or access to a media server) mean that suitable music will be found for every mood. Amazon Alexa, HiFi amplifier, Apple Airplay, projector, Sonos components (coming soon), multi-room concepts ... all can be integrated via scenes and the evon Smart Home app.

Benefits of evon Smart Home at a glance:

  • Sound module (2 zone stereo, 4 zone mono)
  • Speech output via text-to-speech
  • FM and Internet radio
  • Integrated 4 x 25 W amplifier
  • Multi-room
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Sonos (coming soon)
  • Apple AirPlay
  • Beamer via PJLink standard

Ready for the perfect sound

From speech output via perfect hi-fi sound up to AirPlay and media servers.


Speech output
The evon Smart Home Sound Module can output messages via the connected loudspeakers. You can enter the text of your choice and replay it via the scenes at any time.


Internet radio
You have a choice of Internet radio stations that you can easily select using your evon Smart Home App.


HIFI Amplifier
Get even more out of your music and connect an additional external Hi-Fi- amplifier. The only prerequisite is that the amplifier is able to cascade.


Multi room
evon Smart Home across rooms: From the kitchen to the terrace. The best entertainment in the whole house.


Apple AirPlay
Apples AirPlay lets you play your digital music collection anywhere in the house, at any time.


Media servers
Large digital music collections or so-called media servers can be integrated directly into evon Smart Home via UPNP.

Multimedia Sonos

Plan your project perfectly - find your evon Smart Home Partner!

Simply enter your zip code or city and you will receive a map with the partners in your area.

Ready for a range of extensions

Amazon Alexa, Sonos module, Denon amplifier, hi-fi amplifier, projector … …
the flexibility of evon Smart Home ensures it can adapt to your requirements.

Amazon Alexa
Multimedia TV
Multimedia Lautsprecher

Ready for every taste in music

Rock, pop, classics, hits … via Internet radio or from your own music server.

Amazon Alexa

Ready for Alexa: Use all of Amazon Alexa's functions and enjoy the added comfort in your daily routine.


For hi-fi aficionados: All amplifiers with cascading, for example a series of Denon models guarantee the ultimate in music enjoyment.

And now ... Music

A long button press in the bedroom and the lights dim and your favourite music sounds quietly in the living room. Almost everything is possible with the evon Smart Home app..

Diversity and Change

FM radio, Apple AirPlay, your media server … your entire music collection is available via the evon Smart Home app at a single click..

Multimedia Living Room