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Andreas L.

Ready for maximum comfort

Five years ago, Andreas L. was able to fulfil his dream of owning a house with an evon Smart Home in Styria. Ever day, it relieves the occupants of numerous manual duties in everyday life.

Thanks the the evon Smart Home, suitable interior mood lighting is automatically activated as dusk approaches. A the same time, the shades are closed to protect the occupants from prying eyes.

Even the cat feels comfortable in ist territory and enjoys the atmosphere.

Perfectly Comfortable Temperatures in every room

Cosy warmth in the bathroom or refreshingly cool in the bedroom? Thanks to the evon Smart Home's individual room control, Andreas L. can set the temperature for each roomas he desires.

But it is not just the room temperature that ensures an optimum room atmosphere, other components such as the Vaillant heat pump and the air conditioning unit work together with the heating system and help save energy.

Location: Pöllau

Smart Wine Cellar

The private wine cellar in the lower floor is an absolute highlight for cosy get-togethers. Two things had to be considered during the construction: suitable lighting arrangements and a constant room climate. evon Smart Home easily creates ideal conditions.

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