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The advantages of the evon Smart Home App

Ready for air quality and pollen warnings

Achieving a high level of comfort within one's own four walls places increasing demands on the Smart Home system. The flexibility and future viability of evon Smart Home can be seen in the relatively new field of air quality measurement and pollen warning values. Netatmo as a manufacturer of weather stations offers modules for the measurement of air quality. The same applies to u::Lux, which offers these sensors in the form of switches.

Whether u::Lux or Netatmo, both systems are 100 percent integrated into evon Smart Home. In addition, we have integrated a pollen warning service into the app. In the future you will always know exactly when it is time to ventilate or which pollen is in season via notifications in the evon Smart Home App.

Key Facts

  • Temperature, humidity, oxygen content are measured by Netatmo or u::Lux sensors
  • Push notifications in the evon Smart Home App (time for ventilation, values above/below)
  • evon Smart Home Scenes (rules) can be adapted or created at any time without programming knowledge
  • Feedback directly to us from the evon Smart Home App to improve the services (e.g. pollen warning service)
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