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evon Smart Home can only be purchased from a partner. All evon Smart Home Partners and Premium Partners are listed on the website. Find a partner.

An evon Smart Home Partner or Premium Partner takes over the installation. The evon Smart Home Premium Partners are particularly recommendable, because these companies already have successfully implemented many evon Smart Home projects.

The price depends on the equipment level of your house. Approximately you can expect a price of 30-45 € per m2.

No, evon Smart Home has a star-shaped wiring. This wiring does not require special bus cables or installation components (switches, ...). With the star-shaped wiring all electric lines are drawn to one or more distributors in the house. 

Yes, settings, scenes and new features can be created and changed very easily without special programming skills.

The evon Smart Home Software is free and preinstalled on the evon Smart Home Controllers (iX800 or iX840). Software updates are released continuously and can be installed without special knowledge and programs - these updates are also free. For the evon Smart Home standard packages there are no software or running license costs.

evon Smart Home was designed for new construction and requires a star-shaped wiring. If the existing electronic installation is already carried out in this form and there is enough space in the distributor, evon Smart Home could be retrofitted at any time.
Yes, evon Smart Home works without internet connection. But if you want to use the evon Smart Home remote access, you need an internet connection.
Yes, most operations (lights, shading,...) can be carried out via conventional push-buttons. You can also change scenes and group commands and assign them to any push-button.
Yes, evon Smart Home offers the possibility to choose user-dependent any colors and wallpapers. In addition, you can define your own favorite areas.
evon Smart Home offers an app for iOS and Android devices. But it can be accessed with any device that has a web browser. It is important to ensure that the web browser supports the HTML5 standard in the best possible way. Currently the browsers Chrome, Safari and Edge are recommended.

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