Technology Modules


Auxiliary module TA200, Sound module TS410


45 mm = 2,6 TE
45 x 85 x 70 mm (b x h x t)

The evon Smart Home technology module Auxiliary extends the evon Smart Home controller with 2 additional RS485 interfaces (e.g.: connection of access system, etc.).

  • 2 x RS485 (galvanically isolated)
  • Up to 8 fingerprints per RS485 interface, in total 16 per module
  • Attention: The connected devices (e.g. fingerprint) must be serially wired


67,5 mm = 3,9 TE
67,5 x 85 x 70 mm (w x h x d)

The evon Smart Home sound module controls background music and the speech output – in 2 zones (stereo) or in up to 4 zones (Mono). A sound module can be operated with the iX800 controller and a maximum of 2 sound modules can be operated with the iX840 controller.

  • FM radio receiver
  • AUX input (Line-In)
  • 2 freely definable sound sources (Internet radio, local media, media server access/NAS via UPnP)
  • Speech output