Blind control with evon Smart Home

Let the sun in
evon smart home shading

evon Smart Home blind modules

Fully integrated, automatic & manual

The control of blinds is a core task of a Smart Home System. Light and shade can have a strong influence on your energy consumption over the course of the year. For this reason, the control of blinds in evon Smart Home is networked with all areas.

The evon Smart Home advantages:

  • Fully integrated and networked with all components of the evon Smart Home solution
  • Schlotterer-Integration
  • Automatic and manual control
  • evon Smart Home Scenes adapts to your requirements – without any programming

More than protection from heat.

From automatic shading to manual control.

presence simulation

Virtually at home

Presence simulation operates your shading systems at the usual times and helps to keep burglars away.

Storm protection

Storm protection

As a storm approaches, all shading elements are automatically raised. Effective protection from storm damage.

Shading control

Effective privacy screen

No chance for nosy peeking: Your shades close completely and automatically when the sun goes down.

Light alarm clock

You evon Smart Home can wake you gently and lets the first rays of sun shine into your bedroom.

Blind control

Plan your project perfectly - find your evon Smart Home Partner!

Simply enter your zip code or city and you will receive a map with the partners in your area.

The power of the sun

Control all the shading elements in your house with evon Smart Home: shade, curtains, shutters or even vertical lamella, everything has been thought of.

evon Smart Home

Protection from heat and cold

Your home automatically uses the sun to heat the house and in summer, the shades prevent overheating.

evon Smart Home Scene

Real teamwork

evon Smart Home ensures all components work well together. From shading to multimedia to allergy functions.

blind control

Favourite position

Move all shading elements to the favourite position and lamella setting with just one click.

Shading groups

Create as many shading groups as you like in the evon Smart Home app and use them to control several shading elements at once.