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Today, a number of mostly electronic helpers promise enhanced security at home: A smoke detector in the kitchen, an alarm system or a camera at the entrance door. Everything useful and useful in itself. It becomes more exciting when the advantages of all subsystems are combined in a Smart Home System. For example, the camera at the entrance door only makes sense if you can see on your smartphone who is outside and open the door if necessary.

If the smoke detector sounds an alarm and nobody is at home, it may make sense to switch off the electricity or the heating. Or you can use your camera or the air quality values in the house to check in advance how serious the problem is. All of this can be managed easily and comfortably with evon Smart Home on your smartphone.

Key Facts

  • evon Smart Home combines a number of systems (motion detectors, smoke detectors, camera systems, sensors ...) to make your home safer
  • Automatic detection and alarm for water leaks (water leak sensors)
  • Smoke detectors and air quality sensors alarm when limit values are exceeded and stop the power supply or the heating if required
  • Holiday function: Switching off all dangerous loads (ironing station, electric cooker, charging stations, TV, WLAN ...)
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