Lighting control with evon Smart Home

Ready for bright moments

The advantages of the evon Smart Home light modules

LED, dimmer, RGBW integration ...

Light is essential for your sense of comfort. evon Smart Home makes sure that light is there for you at the right moment – day or night. This works quite simply with a system that combines motion detectors and light sensors. If, for example, you go to the kitchen for a glass of water in the middle of the night, evon Smart Home can detect this thanks to the motion and light sensors and switch on all lights on your way. As soon as you are back in your warm bed, the lights automatically go out again.

Since every person has individual sense of well being, you can of course also simply switch on the light simply via buttons or use the evon Smart Home App on your smartphone. The evon Smart Home scenes ensure that you can adapt all functions to your wishes without any programming knowledge.

Ready for your requirements

As simple as a light switch, but with the full range of functions of a modern smart home system: evon Smart Home light control


Light off/on

Switching off and on is also dimmed, very gently for increased well-being.


Virtually at home
The presence simulation switches on the light at the usual times and thus prevents burglars.


Save energy
If nobody is in the room, the light switches of automatically. If nobody is at home, all lights go out


Start the evening gently
Depending on the natural brightness, the lighting automatically adapts to the ambient light.


Something important
A flashing light at e.g. smoke or burglar informs you quickly and reliably.


Infinitely via evon Smart Home app or button: Provides a pleasant light and helps to save energy.

Ready for every push-button

evon Smart Home offers a big advantage in choosing the push buttons: You can use practically every one available on the market,
for example: Busch-Jäger, Gira, Jung, Berker ... Of course, this opens up much more possibilities in the choice of form, design and color.

Ready for every light

Electric bulbs, LED, Halogen or DALI: evon Smart Home is ready for any kind of light source. With the evon Smart Home Controller and the app, you can lighten up every room as you want to.

The evon Smart Home App

Ready for the best usability: The evon Smart Home App is very easy to use and simplifies your everyday life. Modern design combined with modern technology result in a clearly arranged app that can be adapted to your requirements.


Adjust the color of your LED lamps to the time of day. Easily via app or automatically, depending on the position of the sun or the brightness of the ambient light: Easy and without programming.

Light off!

Scenes simplify your life. With the evon Smart Home App you can easily combine various functions: if you press a specific button for 5 seconds, all lights turn off in the house. 


With dimmable light your Smart Home can adapt to the current ambient light or reduce the light intensity during the evening. Simply more comfort.

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