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Urban living with
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Urban living with evon Smart Home

Smart Home for the city

evon Smart Home fits perfectly to the modern urban lifestyle. However, we would like to point out that it is important to involve the Smart Home system in the planning stage, also in apartments. Old light switches in a rented apartment that interrupt the power supply to a lamp are therefore not suitable for Smart Home. However, this is true for all Smart Home systems on the market.

As soon as you have laid the foundation for your Smart Home (wiring and space for a switch cabinet must be considered), you can enjoy all the benefits of evon Smart Home. This applies not only to individual apartments, but also to entire residential complexes. Just ready for the future.

Key Facts

  • All Smart Home benefits even in apartments
  • Shared intercom system with intercom function and live image
  • Complete solutions for residential complexes
Open Plan Living Area In Modern Apartment

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