evon Smart Home Garden Butler

Your practical helper in the garden
evon Smart Garden

The flexibility of evon Smart Home

Mowing robots, irrigation, cisterns ...

Having an own garden is a source of joy. A smart garden will give you even more pleasure. evon Smart Home can take over recurring tasks, such as watering and mowing. evon Smart Home also provides a little intelligence in the garden. For example, the irrigation system can consider the data of your weather station and activate only if it has not rained on the chosen day.

The evon Smart Home advantages:

  • Cooperation between evon Smart Home and Husqvarna
  • Timer for individual irrigation zones
  • Control of your cistern via logic functions
  • Data from the weather station are taken into account for irrigation

Ready for the most beautiful garden

From irrigation to robot lawnmowers.


3 Systems - 1 App

evon Smart Home combines the control of a robot mower, irrigation system and a weather station in a single app.

Garten Sprinkler

Smart Irrigation

Connect your irrigation system with the weather station. Save water if there has been sufficient rain.


Husqvarna Integration

Control your Husqvarna Automower with evon Smart Home.

Garten Terrasse

Knows your schedule

Determine when your irrigation system and robot mower have a break.


Plan your project perfectly - find your evon Smart Home Partner!

Simply enter your zip code or city and you will receive a map with the partners in your area.

Ready for your green oasis.

The more you invest your time in caring for your garden, the greater the joy it will bring you. evon Smart Home deals with repetitive tasks so that you can concentrate on the important things.

evon Smart Garden

Individually tailored

Scenes enable you to do things like start your robot mower at 10 o'clock every Thursday. Except if it is raining, then the robot remains in the garage.

evon Smart Home

Always fully informed

The app keeps you uptodate. For example, if the robot mower refuses to mow or the irrigation systems doesn't work for technical reasons.

House status

Peace of mind when on holiday

The garden grows and sprouts particularly during the holiday period. Your robot mower will naturally continue to carry out its duties in your absence.

Smart Sleep

Undisturbed fun with friends

Who enjoys being surprised by their own irrigation system during a large garden party? Perhaps your guests would enjoy cooling off and see it from the funny side, but it would be better if everything went according to plan.