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eovn Smart Garden

The flexibility of evon Smart Home

Mowing robots, irrigation, cisterns ...

Having an own garden is a source of joy. A smart garden will give you even more pleasure. evon Smart Home can take over recurring tasks, such as watering and mowing. evon Smart Home also provides a little intelligence in the garden. For example, the irrigation system can consider the data of your weather station and activate only if it has not rained on the chosen day.

Do you store rainwater in a cistern? Very good, evon Smart Home can take over the control and use the stored water for your garden. And, in keeping with the trend: In the future, your mowing robot will also be controlled directly via the evon Smart Home app.

Key Facts

  • Cooperation between evon Smart Home and Husqvarna
  • Timer for individual irrigation zones
  • Control of your cistern via logic functions
  • Data from the weather station are taken into account for irrigation
evon Smart Garden

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