Air conditioning

Daikin in evon Smart Home

Daikin offers integration for many of your devices in evon Smart Home. To connect your Daikin air conditioner to evon Smart Home, you need a Daikin online controller. evon Smart Home automatically finds all connected air conditioners and offers a user interface.

Every air conditioner can be monitored and operated. Due to the additional integration in evon Smart Home scenes, a variety of automated functions are available.


Daikin & evon Smart Home

  • Control of Daikin air conditioners via evon Smart Home
  • Integration in evon Smart Home scenes
    e.g .: In the evening or when leaving the house, all devices can be switched off automatically.
  • Automatic search for all Daikin Online Controllers in the network
  • Display of the actual and set temperature of each device

Supported products:

  • All devices with the Daikin Online Controller (BRP069)