Your finger. Your key.

Your entrance
to evon Smart Home

The fingerprint entrance system from ekey offers a secure and very comfortable way to open doors. Lost or forgotten keys are a thing of the past. The ekey software also learns with every use, it recognizes the growth of children's finger, changed user habits, and small injuries.

ekey Fingerprint

ekey & evon Smart Home

The joint solution offered by ekey and evon Smart Home boasts high levels of comfort and maximum flexibility. The integration into evon Smart Home scenes allows your fantasy full flight. Completely automatically, you can listen to your favourite music and raise the blinds when you come home.

ekey Fingerprint
ekey fingerprint
ekey Fingerprint


Individual access rights including time periods can be easily allocated to individual users.

800 Fingerprints

Storage of upto 800 fingerprints from different people.


Arbitrary linking of each user/fingerprint via evon Smart Home scenes.


Documentation of the latest entrances and learning processes

Supported products:

  • All evon Smart Home fingerprint access systems