Your own climate measurements
on your smartphone

Netatmo's products help to improve the living environment within your own four walls. The Netatmo Weather Station complements the evon Smart Home Weather Station with the possibility of measuring humidity, rainfall and atmospheric pressure. The Indoor Modules also measure temperature, humidity, air quality (CO2) and noise.

Through an intelligent evaluation of the sensors, evon Smart Home notifies the owner of the currently prevailing living quality. Headaches caused by increased CO2 values or humid rooms due to incorrect ventilation are a thing of the past.

Netatmo & evon Smart Home

  • Measurement of air humidity, amount of rainfall, air pressure, air quality and noise
  • Check current living quality
  • Analysis of the measured values
  • Intelligent control of room ventilation or electrical windows through evon Smart Home scene integration
  • Automatic push notification when the indoor climate is bad

Supported products:

  • Weather Station
  • Indoor Module for Weather Station
  • Rain Gauge
  • Anemometer for Weather Station