The intelligent room controller
for building automation

The integration of the u::Lux switch into evon Smart Home offers the possibility to operate all lights, shading elements, individual room controls and scenes of a room - without programming knowledge.

The u::Lux extensions can extend the switch with additional sensors for measuring temperature, humidity, CO2 or a motion detector. The measurements are automatically included in the calculation of the optimal room climate.

u::Lux & evon Smart Home

  • Simple and flexible operation of your rooms
  • Fast handling
  • No additional configuration necessary
  • The switch is automatically found in the network
  • Any number of lights, shading elements, individual room control and scenes of a room can be displayed

Supported products:

  • evon Smart Home u::Lux switch with following extensions:
    • Temperature measurement
    • Temperature and humidity measurement
    • Temperature, humidity measurement and motion detectors
    • Temperature, humidity and CO2 measurement