Live Charging Station

Always have an overview of
your Webasto Live Wallbox

The integration of the Webasto Live Charging Station enables you to control and monitor the charging of your electric vehicle both intelligently and in comfort.

Webasto Integration

Webasto & evon Smart Home

Maintain an oveview of your Webasto Live Charging Station. evon Smart Home gives you access to the current charging status, the charging process and the energy balance at any time.

Webasto Live Ladestation Integration
Webasto Live Ladestation Integration
Webasto Live Ladestation Integration

Charging Status

evon Smart Home provides you with an overview of the charging status.


Take a look at the total energy and the energy that has been used for the current charging process.

Controlling the charging current

The charging current can be changed at any time using the evon Smart Home app.

Solar energy on the road

Use the excess energy from your PV installation to charge your electric car with solar power.

Supported products:

  • Webasto Live Charging Station