SEEMBODY smart fitness studio in Kumberg

The optimally equipped SEEMBODY fitness studio (see my body) in Kumberg was equipped with evon Smart Home. 34 blind elements for shading of the entire glass frontages, 12 light circuits to control indoor and outdoor lighting and 2 light circuits – dimmable – in the spinning area are now controlled with evon Smart Home.

All scenes are created by the owner himself on his smartphone and can be amended by him at any time (switching times, shade control, …)

The high energy consumption, caused by the air conditioning of all rooms, can only be optimized by automatic shading. At high temperatures and with great solar irradiation the shade elements are optimally positioned and protect the rooms from excessive solar irradiation.

The electrics were completely installed and commissioned by evonHOME partner Elektro Lohr from Ludersdorf.

The diverse possibilities of the control with evon Smart Home in the SEEMBODY fitness studio:

  • Complete lighting control for the fitness rooms using time/date and the evon Smart Home weather station.
  • Automatic external lighting using time/date.
  • Automatic shade control of the fitness rooms using the evon Smart Home weather station.
  • Daily automatic start of the spinning workout: Dim lighting, close the blinds, start the music, start the beamer.

Information on SEEMBODY: