A feel-good oasis for the family

Martina and Gerald

Martina and Gerald’s own home is in Oberfeistritz / close to Anger and has become a true feel-good oasis for their young family. evon Smart Home can also be integrated into finished houses of different builders as this fantastic house shows.

All of the light controls with dimmable lighting and all shade controls and the individual room control via the underfloor heating are now controlled by evon Smart Home. The camera in the entrance area means that unannounced visitors are no longer missed – even when nobody is at home.

Convenience and time saving in many daily routines and security for the future due to the wired installation method were the most important aspects in the house builders’ decision-making.

Martina and Gerald are very pleased with their smart home and a house without evon Smart Home would no longer be imaginable for the two of them.