How secure is a Smart Home? -
IT Security of evon Smart Home


The remote access only uses encrypted connections (SSL)



No illegal or damaging updates possible



evon Smart Home does not store any of your data



Every backup is password protected


How is the remote access of evon Smart Home protected?

Switch off the lights while you are out, switch on the heating, close the blinds: The evon Smart Home offers a comfortable way to control your house via your smartphone. Don't be worried about external access, The evon Smart Home only uses encrypted connections (SSL), the same that are used for telebanking.

You decide.

A Smart Home owner can decide themselves whether they want to use the remote access or not. Of course, there is also the possibility of only activating the remote access during a holiday period. But even then, the use of remote access is done via our own VPN tunnel and is therefore no problem for evon Smart Home.


Where is my data stored?

The data is only transferred between the Smart Home and the user device (smartphone, tablet). The evon Smart Home does not store any of your data without explicitly informing you when and for what purpose the data is saved. Updates always offer you new functions that give you the opportunity to send feedback or to evaluate data.

In addition, updates can only be downloaded from verified controllers. This prevents the downloading of illegal or damaging updates and attacks that use frequently used passwords.