Smart Lock

Easy Integration

The electronic door lock from Nuki can be easily integrated into your existing evon Smart Home app. Once it is all set up, you can simply use your smartphone to remotely lock or unlock your entrance door. This way you will never have to worry whether the door is locked and you can sleep with a peaceful mind, knowing you are safe.


Maximum Safety

Lock or unlock the door at any time when you are on the go: evon Smart Home remote access offers a convenient way of managing your home with your smartphone. Thus you don't have to worry about unauthorized access. evon Smart Home's IT security exclusively uses encrypted connections (SSL), which are also used in online banking, for example.




Your smartphone as an intelligent key

Maximum Security

Updates for your app can only be downloaded through certified controllers. This prevents illegal/malicious updates, as well as attacks from frequently used passwords.

Lock Unlock

Manage your home at any time while you are out and about. Lock your door comfortably with your smartphone or tablet using the evon Smart Home app.

No Data Storage

Data is only transferred between Smart Home and smartphone. evon Smart Home does not save any of your data without explicitly informing you when and for what purpose it will be backed up.

Perfect Overview

Manage your home with the evon Smart Home App while you are on the move or on vacation. This way you can keep track of who entered and who left your house at any time.

Supported Products:

  • Nuki Smart Lock