Control heating, heat pump, air conditioning with evon Smart Home

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The evon Smart Home climate modules

Comfortable and energy-efficient

Ready for cosy warmth, but also ready to help you save energy: This sums up the advantages of evon Smart Home for indoor climate. The room climate can then be controlled in a variety of ways. On the one hand time-controlled via evon Smart Home scenes or via automatic timers, on the other hand according to your personal specifications. Via app, for example, if you come home earlier and already activate your comfort temperature while driving. Additionally: Of course, the heating is automatically shut down as soon as a window is opened.

Key Facts

  • Integration of heating, heat pumps and air conditioners in one universal solution
  • Automatic operation based on time specifications
  • Individual intervention at any time, on site or via the evon Smart Home App
  • Automatic lowering operation when windows are open

Ready for the perfect indoor air quality.

From heating and heat pumps to air conditioning units.

Smart Sleep

Energy saving mode

Is no one at home? Simply activate the energy saving mode.


Remote Control

Set your comfortable temperature while you are on the road: So you will be welcomed with cosy warmth as soon as you open your front door.

Air conditioning

Air conditioning

Control your climate controllers form Samsung or Daikin in your apartment with evon Smart Home.

Protection from heat and cold

Single Room Temperature Control

Thanks to the intelligent Single Room Temperature Control, you can enjoy the optimal temperature in every room.

Climate Control with evon Smart Home

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Ready for cozy warmth.

Ready for cozy warmth, but also ready to help you save energy. This is how the advantages of evon Smart Home climate control can be summarized.

Minimum energy consumption

evon Smart Home ensures that in winter your home automatically uses the sun for heating during the course of the day. In summer, the process is simply reversed.

evon Smart Home

Always informed

The evon Smart Home app always keeps you up to date and informs you immediately via push message if your system malfunctions.

Smart Sleep

Room Air Sensor

Two sensors for humidity and temperature ensure your feel-good factor. It takes the relevant measurements, alerts you of poor air quality and can take preventative measures.


With evon Smart Home you have full control over your heating system. KWB heating systems can also be controlled with evon Smart Home.