Smart house in Sankt Bartholomä

Family Jantscher

It was always clear to me that if I built a house, it would be practical and modern. Initially, my wife was sceptical. Obviously, she wanted a good-looking and modern house, but the topic of a smart home was completely new for her.

The first thing we did was to look for the perfect building company to implement our wishes and ideas. Luckily, we found Malli in our locality. They are a building company that offer turnkey and complete solutions, most importantly, they employ regional suppliers and are very familiar with the subject of smart homes.

What really impressed us was the advice we received regarding a smart home. Malli is an evon Smart Home partner and an outstanding concept has resulted from this partnership.

In a first step, the smart weather station, access system (fingerprint scanner eKey) and a variety of scenes were installed (open drive gate and garage door, operate the alarm system) alongside the complete lighting and shading control.

evon Smart Home is an open system. This made the integration of existing smart home systems such as Amazon Alexa, Netatmo weather station and the Philips Hue light control very easy. The operation and control of the whole house is done via a smartphone and tablet, even remotely via the Internet. An amazing feature.

Thanks to the evon Smart Home, we are well prepared for the future. The integration of the existing photovoltaic system, pool control and the wall box to charge the electric car via a smart meter in order to make optimal use of solar energy ... all being planned.

— Herbert Jantscher