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The new and smart
door intercoms

Smart intercoms

Security begins on your own doorstep. That is why the new door intercom Solo is so well suited for the job with its stylish appearance by ensuring more protection and comfort for your home.

Even if you are not at home, you can see on your smartphone who is at your door and are able to open the door for family, for example.

Ready for a safe home

Discover the new and smart intercoms with evon Smart Home

Intercom Solo flush mounted nickel

Intercom Solo flush mounted
Available in 2 colors: Nickel, Black

Intercom Solo Surface Mounted

Intercom Solo surface mounted
Available in 2 colors: Nickel, Black

Intercom Indoor View

Answering Unit Indoor View
Available in 2 colors: White, Black

Intercom Indoor Compact

Answering Unit Indoor Compact
Available in 2 colors: White, Black

Plan your project perfectly - find your evon Smart Home Partner!

Simply enter your zip code or city and you will receive a map with the partners in your area.

High resolution videos, day and night

The high resolution ensures the intercom videos are always in focus.

Weather resistant

Apart from an elegant design, the door intercoms boast very high levels of endurance.

Infrared night vision mode

You have full control over your house, even when it is dark outside.

Select your preferred method of installation

What is better for your entrance? You can choose between flush or surface mounted.

Ready for news sent from your home

The evon Smart Home informs you whenever someone rings your doorbell. If someone rings the bell, you instantly receive a push notification and can decide whether you want to talk to the person or not.