A dream for family and four-legged Kira

Nina and Christian

This house was built 5 years ago with a fantastic view of Pöllauberg. It was clear to Nina and Christian from the very beginning that an evon Smart Home system needs to be a part of their home.

Even four-legged Kira is obviously quite content and is pleased whenever the automower makes its rounds.

The very wide scope including complete control of the lighting, automated shading, individual room control and sound via two sound modules results not only in notable levels of comfort and amazing entertainment, but also in more security.

The alarm system has external cameras. window contacts, movement detectors and provides Nina and Christian with a higher security level: And just in case, all lights are activated and the owners are informed via app.

In addition, the smoke and CO alarms supplied by Ei Electronics offer reliable protection against the dangers of fire and CO.

And because there can never be enough security, presence simulation can be activated when on holiday.

Nina, Christian and their children can enter the house without a key, thanks to the installation of a GIra code keyboard. Lost or forgotten keys are a thing of the past.