Intruder Protection with evon Smart Home

Presence simulation

Presence simulation

The advantages of evon Smart Home presence simulation

Make your home look live in

Everybody wants peace of mind when they leave their house without the fear of having uninvited guests. Starting now, presence simulation makes your four walls look lived in. Just a click in the app and a light is switched on in the living room at 8 pm, at 20 past ten, a light goes on in your bathroom and at midnight the light in the bedroom goes out.

The advantages of evon Smart Home at a glance:

  • Virtually at home
  • Break-in prevention
  • Receive an alarm in the event

Ready for the perfect illusion

Create the perfect illusion that you are comfortably at home: The evon Smart Home presence simultion automatically adapts to your lifestyle and offer effective protection against ininvited guests.

Presence simulation


The evon Smart Home presence simulation controls your smart lighting as though you were at home.

Presence simulation


Use the automated shade control, even when on holiday.

Presence Simulation

Radio, TV,..

Optionally incorporate radio and TV in the simulation using digital outputs.

Start the presence simulation in the evon Smart Home app

The evon Smart Home presence simulation can be configured with just a few clicks. You can see how quickly and easily this works in the video.

Ready for spontaneous trips

Your Smart Home accompanies you on your holiday. Use the camera to see who rang the doorbell. You can control the lights, the shades or your robot mower.