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The flexibility of evon Smart Home

Presence simulation, remote control, door opener...

Who is going to look after the cat or the dog? Who can water the flowers? Who will open the door for the postman? These are questions that are always asked when the next holiday is being planned. The evon Smart Home system combines a series of functions that can simulate your presence in the house, even if you are on holiday far away in a distant land.

Everything at a glance

  • Remote Access
  • Presence simulation
  • Alarm
  • Door opener
  • Camera and motion detector
  • Irrigation

Ready for a spontaneous future

From alarm notification to presence simulation.


Everything at one glance

The app provides you with encrypted and secure access to your Smart Home via the Internet.

Ding Dong

Courier service, postman or some unknown person? You can choose whether to ignore the caller or speak to them via the intercom.

presence simulation

Presence simulation

Presence simulation lets you go off on holiday both spontaneously and unnoticed.

Alarm notification

Window contacts, sensors for movement and CO2 make sure that you are always informed, just in case.

Plan your project perfectly - find your evon Smart Home Partner!

Simply enter your zip code or city and you will receive a map with the partners in your area.

Relaxed and refreshed

You could say that your house goes on holiday with you. You can see who rang the door bell via the camera. You can control the lights or your irrigation system.


Alarm notification

Your house doesn't have to go up in flames before you receive an alarm while on holiday. It is the small things that demonstrate how practical Smart Home is. For example, the movement sensors will let you know when your neighbour waters your flowers.

evon Smart Home

The plus for your apartment

Smart Homes are gaining in importance for apartments. When on holiday, the presence simulation and the evon Smart Home shield you from surprises upon your return.

House status

Relaxed on holiday

Connecting your garden's irrigation system and integrating lawn robots lets you return home from holiday completely relaxed: the lawn has been mown, the flowers are expecting you in all their glory.

motion detector

Who can it be?

You can rely on your neighbour to feed your cat. For those who are a little wary, the evon Smart Home app gives you a taste of "Big Brother" via its movement sensors and cameras.