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Deep and restful sleep is good for your well-being. But in today's noisy world of hectic and stress, it is increasingly difficult for people to find this elusive, healthy sleep. To make this possible, a series of air quality measurement sensors need to be integrated (Netatmo, u::Lux, Pluggit...). These sensors provide data regarding the CO2 content, temperature and humidity of the air.

Die evon Smart Home Vorteile

  • Measurement of air quality
  • Measurement of noise
  • Measurement of humidity
  • Automatic airing
  • Automatic adjustment of air humidity, CO2 content, ..
  • Integration of the sensors from Netatmo, Pluggit, u::Lux

Ready for a relaxing future with evon Smart Home

From air quality to energy saving

Smart sleep

evon Smart Home is able to improve the living quality of your home.

Netatmo Integration

Netatmo's sensors measure the CO2 content of the air along with temperature and humidity.

Automatic airing

evon Smart Home ensures that your home is automatically aired.

Smart Sleep

Save energy

evon Smart Home combines all factors to an energy-efficient whole.

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Health combined with comfort

A lot of the comfort functions for healthy sleep can also be integrated in apartments via the air quality sensors and evon Smart Home scenes.

Smart Sleep

For quiet moments

Noise is often named as todays' stress factor no. 1. An integration of Netatmo's products enables noise to be measured and scenes can be used to react to the noise levels.

Smart Sleep

Take a deep breath

evon Smart Home uses scenes to make sure that your home reacts completely automatically to the room climate and airs accordingly, controls the humidity and adapts the CO2 content.

evon Smart Home

Feel good from the first day on

A healthy room climate is just as important for your children as it is you yourself. The needs of each age group can be catered for using evon Smart Home scenes.

Allergy Smart Home


Systems such as Pluggit combine living space airing with energy recuperation. An integration into evon Smart Home results in a perfectly networked system.